#WeAreDAO Campaign #16 - VellentinaC


Vallentina holds a Bachelor's degree in Cinema and Media, with professional experience in different fields: customer service, accountancy, sales, content creation, etc.


Vallentina contributes to various Guilds: Translators, Design, and Marketing. She does graphic design and illustrations for different projects, plus translations and proofreading for the Italian Media Node of the IMN. She's been active and engaged in bDAO since early 2022.


For Vallentina bDAO is a great opportunity for individuals to find a place for their talent, to collectively explore and experiment with new ways of working, creating, and governing. The chance that the ecosystem gives
to people from diverse backgrounds to get together and collaborate to make
something great, is unique. Vallentina has been able to build her portfolio as well as grow in her career as a graphic designer thanks to bDAO.


Vallentina's number one passion is TV shows, she also loves reading, dancing, writing, taking walks in the forest, and learning about astrology. She lives in Italy with 3 cats and has
a lot of friends.