#WeAreDAO Campaign #19 - JengaJoJo


Before jumping into Web3 and becoming an active contributor in bankless DAO, Jengajojo did various gigs, from non-profit management, to consulting and business analysis


Jengajojo joined the DAO in June2021. Like everyone else, he started out with simple things like taking notes and collecting small bounties here and there. Over time as he understood #howtoDAO, he began writing proposals for different projects and soon began leading projects. Jenga is currently the Coordinator for the IMN project, Project Manager for partnerships with Global Crypto Events. At the end of the previous season, he was elected to be on the Grants Committiee and it's been a pleasure directly helping the DAO achieve its mission.


In information societies, populations are governed with memes. The bankless movement is the chief producer of memes for the global crypto scene. BanklessDAO is the hub of meme production and distribution, and as the information age grabs hold of the paradigm, the DAO who controls the meme supply chain wins. bDAO helped Jengajojo understand howtoDAO. He met many likeminded and mission driven folks in bDAO and he is grateful for the community and network that this DAO offers.


Jengajojo enjoys adventures, traveling, exercise and listening to podcasts & audiobooks