#WeAreDAO Campaign #18 - MinaHasNoIdea


Before jumping straight into Web3 and then banklessDAO, Mina graduated in 2021 with an interdisciplinary bachelor's degree in politics, psychology, law, and economics.


MinaHasNoIdea is currently active in the Translators guild where she holds a role as Content Manager. She helps around the International Media Nodes (IMN) too and re- organizes the way the Romanian Node is being managed. Mina is also quite involved in the Governance working group of the IMN as well as the Grants working group. She was recently in Barcelona as part of the bDAO onsite team of ETH Barcelona. She has been in the DAO for 9 months now.


Although it may sound cliche, Mina is bullish on bDAO because it is by people, about people, and for people. According to her, bDAO as a whole manages to keep it real; you get the chance to meet people here from all walks of life, and everybody who comes and stays in this community comes off as nothing less than authentic. In her opinion, so much human authenticity in a pseudo- anonymous place is rare and shows the world that it is possible to combine community and privacy. Also, every step she took in the DAO, there was always someone more experienced than she was, willing to offer guidance and assistance. It is a great feeling to know that you have a community of people ready to help you, even though, for the most part, you may not even know what anybody looks like.


MinaHasNoIdea recently got back into yoga, she also likes reading and is currently learning Dutch. She also enjoys video gaming.