#WeAreDAO Campaign #17 - NFThinker


He is a professional photographer by trade, and has worked in that industry since 2009. Before that he helped manage an event structures company and managed an Apple computer store in Marbella, Spain


NF Thinker has been a bDAO contributor in various capacities since July 2021. His main focuses for the first two seasons were Design and Education Guilds, which quickly led him to Bankless Academy, Fight Club, and DAOlationships AMA hosting. Now he is mostly active in Fight Club, the Bankless Card project, DAO partnerships, and is a regular AMA host for BanklessDAO and Fight Club.


"BanklessDAO is at the forefront of Web3 and DAOs. We are not only providing projects with a launchpad to both raise funds and create healthy communities, but we are also enabling people from underserved communities around the world to access powerful financial tools and job markets." bDAO has helped NF Thinker understand the value in linking community and digital ownership. His first interaction with the DAO was voting in a snapshot proposal, and this revealed the possibilities of bringing brands and organizations closer to their communities by putting the power in the hands of the people.


In his spare time NF Thinker enjoys hanging out with his family and pets. He is an avid skier, loves the water, and enjoys photographing landscapes and abstract images.